Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We have sent our new helper back to the agent and decided NOT to have a live-in helper anymore.

This new helper threw away my kids' graduation & annual concerts DVDs without asking me.  SIX DVDs!  I can't describe how upset I am..... She was with me for less than a week when this happened.  To cut the story short, attitude problem was the main reason that we sent her back.  2 days after sending the 3rd maid back, hub found a note in our shoe cabinet for her.  A man date her out!!!!

Hubby and I both agreed that we simply do not have luck with maids.  First helper, was extremely vain. Giving excuse all the time to go out (she agreed to work for us with no off days).  She started giving me problem during confinement.  The last straw was we caught her jaywalking with our kids and also left them to walk along the side of the road.  Their safety is our utmost concern.  Besides, she was so drama and desperate to go out that she used the name of her late parents and go down on her knees.  Friends said coz she has too many years experience (8 yrs) and we are first time employer.  Haiz... We know we couldn't handle her....

My 2nd helper, is just as bad.  She was dirty, lazy, etc... She took a whole day just to clean my house!  Sometimes I wondered what she did when we were not at home.  I do not need her to do all the cooking and she does not need to take care of Beanie at all.  Many times, she was in daze.  She is not new, with 2 years experience.  The day the agent picked her up, we were shocked to find out she has been going out when she send my girl for ballet.

After looking back at our experience with helpers, we have no regret sending them off.  Yes, it will be tough for me to handle 3 kids on my own, cooking & chores. At least I don't feel stress anymore. Maybe it is too soon to say that but I hope things will work out fine for us.


Miche said...

i believe u can cope without a maid. 2 have ur two older ones to help u out with simple chores and i'm sure Beanie will be a helping hand too. :) My 1.5yo loves helping me carry the folded laundry to the drawers. :)

Oliveoylz said...

If you think you can cope, you will definitely cope and be happier too! I never had luck with my 2 maids during my boys baby days, so I decided not to get one when my daughter was born. I have been handling both kids alone. I do enjoy the freedom and privacy a lot. Get a part time cleaner...It was a great choice for me:)

YL said...

oh no!! i hope you managed to retrieve those DVDs back or get another copy.

I think you would be able to manage. you sound very capable in your writings! perhaps you can consider a part time helper to do the basic clean and clear.

wishing you and your family all the best!

YL, a kaypoh passerby.

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