Saturday, June 09, 2012

A love note from my girl

What a surprise I received when I sat down in front of my pc, when I was about to write some backdated posts...  a little note from my girl, with a handmade envelope..  Well, I shouldn't be surprise at all.  She often write note to me but this time it's different.

I felt really bad and sorry for neglecting my princess..  I'm sure any mommies would feel the same way as I am now.  She said

Whassup dude!? (she called me a dude!)
I don't think I spend enough time with my favourite & only mommy!
Do you think you & I could go on a 'DATE'?  We could go shopping or something....

Luv u 4ever & always!

ps: must I really cut my hair?


I have to admit I neglect spending individual time with my little ones.  So many times I wanted to but with no help at all and daddy busy with his work, I hardly even have time for anything... Yes my dear girl,  we will find time to spend together...  I'm so sorry mommy neglected you(kind of)..  Forgotten at times you are just a little girl who wants to spend time alone with mommy.


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