Friday, June 22, 2012

His First Dental Visit

Days before dental visit, I have talked to Beanie about it.  He seemed excited but it didn't turn out that way.

He insisted Z to go first which I thought was a good idea.  At least he will know what it will be like.  It was a mistake coz his cleaning took a little longer than usual.... Sad to know Z will have to wear braces eventually..
When it was his turn, he refused to sit on the dental chair!  I had no choice but to let him lie down on me.  After much coaxing, he let the dentist have a quick check on his teeth.
After that it was L's turn.  It was a breeze for her and dentist praised her for taking good care of her teeth.

I think Beanie was happy it was finally over and he got jelly from the nurse.  I asked if he will let the dentist check his teeth again and he said yes.  Well, we will know if he means it the next time.


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