Monday, June 18, 2012

Bintan Trip 2012 - Day 2

15th June 2012

All of us looked forward to today's activities!

 Kiddos at the hotel buffet restaurant
Couldn't resist posting this pic of C & Beanie.  Think he was upset over something and she tried to pacify him.  So sweet isn't it?
L & Z were excited to see such a big chess board!
We headed to the beach after breakfast
Our first time riding on the banana boat!  Fun!  My kiddos love it!  My older ones rode on it twice!
After spending hours at the beach, we went for elephant ride
And here's a group shot of us except William's parents.
My older babies at the Flying Fox.  They had so much fun that they asked for second round!
2 of them getting ready
Z on the flying fox

A video of them having fun on the flying fox:

The younger ones were not neglected, they had fun bowling!
Group shot of the kiddos (except S missing from the pic)
In the evening, we went out of the hotel area for a very nice dinner. What a FUNtastic day we had!


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