Monday, June 25, 2012

Beanie @ 40 Months

@ 40 Months 

♥ He is officially weaned off from breast-breastfeeding!  I'm already missing it...  I know he does too coz he often tells me "mommy, I miss your nai nai.."

♥ (29/05)  little one started calling "Mother" and loves it when I call him "son".

♥ Beanie: Elvis!  Elvis!  ......  (can't remember what he said)
I was so surprised he knows about Elvis!
Me: Oh!  How come you know about Elvis?
Jiejie: Mom, he's talking about Fireman Sam's friend! 

I think I ought to know more about the characters in Fireman Sam.

♥ Had his first banana boat ride.

♥ Had fun for the first time @Slide


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