Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cycling Lessons - L

There was something we hoped to do this holiday, that was for L to learn how to cycle!  It has been put on hold for too long... We had tried it over one of the weekends or something but failed.  Actually, it was supposed to be easy for me to coach her.  But I have no strength to hold on to her bike to guide her and at the same time I have to take care of my 2 boys.   And my dear girl was afraid of falling and probably too shy... 

My dear girl wasn't very keen but I managed to convince her to learn it. Told her if one day her friends want to go cycling and she doesn't know how, it will be no fun for her.  Well, that was really a motivation for her!  Haha! 

I found on the internet a cycling coach and the coach is a she!   Isn't it great?  
What was the boys up to then?  They were scootering & running around!

Just halfway through the lesson, L was already cycling!  Not stable but she was cycling!   But because I had to sign up for 2 days course, the next day we went for lesson again.  This time, after a few rounds of warming up, she was ready for the 'obstacle' that the coach set up.  

Here's a video on first day:

On the 2nd day:

After 2 lessons on 2 different day, she knows how to cycle!   I was very happy for her but somehow feel a little sad?!   I was the one who taught Z how to cycle and was hoping I would be the one to teach her too.   Nevertheless, I am so glad she knows how to cycle now!  Oh! Daddy thinks that I'm the one that taught her how to cycle! Haha..


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