Monday, June 18, 2012

Bintan Trip 2012 - Day 1

14th June 2012

It wasn't easy to arrange a holiday together with our good friends and finally we were able to travel together!  8 adults & 7 kiddos!   It was also a break that we really need...  Even though I was still on medication, we went ahead with it.

After our arrival and before checking in, we had our meal and went to a mall to do some shopping.  The mall was a disappointment though..

It wasn't easy getting this shot of the kiddos together..  This was taken after our first meal in Bintan.
My little ones was elated to go holiday with their godparents and our other good friends.  3 families and 7 kids.. 
Pic with their godparents and A. 

We didn't do much on first day. We were planning activities for the next day and explored around the hotel area.


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