Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dance Odyssey 2012

A Day we so looked forward to!  Her 2nd performance for ballet!  After learning so many years, this is only her second performance..  This time her costume looked so much better than the previous, more like a ballerina.

Pic taken while waiting for my friend. So sweet of my friend to pick L up and send her to the venue.  She was asked to put on make up before going. 
This year, they are very lenient about photography and videography.  I managed to capture a few shots of her. 
I could see that she really enjoyed dancing on stage.  Her smile says it all!  
Awesome performance!  
Look how happy she was!  And no stage fright at all! 

Here's the video of her performance. Cna you spot her? She's the tallest girl! She's standing left (towards middle).

Her besties and her after performance.  The girls actually changed out of their costume but we told them to change it back coz we mommies yet to take pics for them!  Haha...  The have known each other ever since they started ballet.  Friendship forever girls!
You did a fantastic job today girl!  We are so happy to be there! 


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