Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bintan Trip 2012 - Day 3

16th June 2012

Another fun-filled day we had today!

We spent our morning at the pool...  Beautiful view of the beach isn't it?  Especially with the right company.  The kiddos had so much fun that they were reluctant to go for lunch.
After lunch, there was only 2 family left as Boon's family had to leave for home.  The fun continued for the rest of us.  We spent the afternoon at the beach.  Kiddos saw lots of fishes and hermit crabs!
In the evening, we surprised the daddies!  It was Father's Day!  The trio was indeed surprised and happy!
A group pic for the night..
Look at the smiles on their faces!
The night did not just ends there.  Right after a sumptuous dinner, the little ones had bubble fun.  After that, godpa brought my 2 older ones for a stroll in the darkness again. They did it last night too. They were trying to spot stars!  Godpa downloaded an awesome apps which they can try to find where's the stars (or something like that).


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