Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Lately Z likes to play soccer in the house. Yes, in the house! And we have many glass frames..... Think it is time to bring him to the park. Good thing is that is was a small soccer ball otherwise I will faint!

He told me last night he wants to be a footballer. Great isn't it? DH & me are soccer fans, a Liverpool fans. It would be great to see our boy playing on the field. Hehehe.... Mommy think way ahead, he is only 3 yr old and children always change their dreams. lol He used to say that he wants to be a firefighter and a police man. I thought he would like to be a taxi driver coz when we take a taxi, he says "I like this taxi". Gagaga..... He said "I want to play tennis" too. So he want to be a tennis player too?

For L, she used to say she wants to be a doctor, so that when we are sick, she attend to us. So sweet hor? This was 2 yrs ago when she said this and she still says that at times. Then she says she wants to be a PD coz she likes kids. Then she says she like to be a teacher coz she likes to teach. Recently she told me that when she grows up, she doesn't want to be a mommy! I asked her why and she said "mommy has alot of things to do. Cleaning, cooking, shower for us, ......." Gagaga... Then I have to explain to her that not all mommies have to do everything. Wanted to ask her again what she wants to be just now but she was very tired. Will do that tomorrow.... Wondering if she has changed her ambition again :)

It is interesting to find out what my babies want to be when they grow up. How about yours?


kelly said...

I kept changing my ambition when I was a young girl but I didn't expect myself to be a SAHM!

fannie said...

its good that she knows that being a mommy is not an easy job!

I also had my ambitions when i was young, but now, i hope to be a better mommy! I secretly hope that Ethyl would be a PD to help kids in need...

Mama Tang said...

It's really interesting to find out what they want to be. I too would want to know about my 2 little ones. :)

Idy said...

Didn't know you are a Liverpool fan. Me, a Man U fan. So we are enemies. Hahaha...

I don't know what my kids want to be yet. Whatever they wanna do, just make sure they enjoy it can liao.

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