Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holiday Workshop Day 3 - National Museum

Sad to say thatI have never bring my kids to any museum (not that I recall).... They usually follows the school field trip. After the field trip today, both commented "mommy, you know you never bring us to the museum before." Oops! Another 'wake up call' for me! So if any of my dear friends read this, please do ask us along if you are going. I drive but I am lousy in knowing how to go around. I have never to been to any museum in Singapore (not that I remember). Funny thing is that when I used to travel so often, I went around to look for museums.

I think LZ enjoyed themselves at the National Museum, otherwise they would not have asked me to bring them there again. L did a puppet and watch a movie on 西游记 . Z did a craft, paper 红头巾, watch a movie too and now knows more about 红头巾.


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