Friday, June 19, 2009

Holiday Workshop Day 5 - Water Rolling Balls

For the last day of the camp, LZ went to Uncle Ringo Carnival. They loved the games that they played there! Bouncy castle, Merry-Go-Round and a Tutu train and the highlight for them was the Big Ball. Z said he went upside down and he kept running inside and falling down. L said when the uncle was trying to pull them back, she struggled to move it away with another girl, Nicole. My naughty girl, she said she did that coz she wanted to play more!

L was very happy coz she had friends with her for the past 5 days and even without any friends, I know she will enjoys it. She takes the initiative to talk to others and makes friends easily. Initially I was not sure if Z would enjoyed as much as L coz he doesn't have any friends in the class but my boy has grown up. He enjoyed the lesson and was able to tell me what he did and enjoyed.

Some of the crafts that they brought home from the camp

We have read the story on 西游记 before and now I''m sure we can have more fun acting out the story with their crafts. They used their crafts and did a 'show' for ZJ and I to watch. Here's a very short video of Z, saying he is 孙悟空 and I am 猪八戒. Hey I am not him ok!


blurblur said...

Looks like the kids have loads of fun in this holiday workshop!! So wise of mummy to sign them up! :)

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