Monday, June 08, 2009

Spa Treatment for ZJ ?!

After 9 years, it is time for our aircon to 'retired'... It retired at the wrong timing! The weather has been so HOT! Our house will be in a big mess if we want to repair it. Today, the aircon men came to our house to fix up the new ones. We have been without aircon for the past weeks (or months?) . We were happy with getting the new aircon, which means better sleep in the night but the downside is that we have to out of the house for the whole day!

It was very sweet of my best pal to invite us to her house for the day. Needless to say, LZ looked forward to it! They missed their godsister... I shouldn't have told them the night before, they were too excited to sleep. I looked forward to it too coz Doreen and I can chat the whole day and ZJ tried out the 'spa' for the very 1st time!

In the pics: Chyene & ZJ on the mat, ZJ in the water, LZ with their godsister, ZJ & Chyene in the water. I love the last pic of our little ones in the water. You can see they really enjoyed it!

ZJ was very tensed initially when we placed him in the water, he holds tightly to the side handles but very soon he enjoyed it. He kicked, smiled and cooed while in it. I think it was because the water was warm and William & Doreen gave him some spa treatment. They talked to him and massaged for him while I was busy recording and taking pics.

I thought after the 'spa treatment', ZJ would be able to nap but I was wrong! He nap for a little while and latched on to me most of the time (to sleep). The moment I placed him down, he cried. I think maybe he is not used to sleeping in other places.

LZ were busied playing with Chyene, Z went into the 'pool' for awhile (L can't coz I don't allow her to go naked in it), playing with their pets and restaurants (in Facebook, which I will blog abt it soon), chatting with godma about the games and watch Anime with godpa.

We had a wonderful time with my best friends. Thank you my dear friends, we hope you guys had a wonderful time too and hopefully the next time, ZJ will want to nap in your house.

My 3 babies are already sounds asleep and I am so comfortable in my room. Yeah! We finally have aircon!


Jan said...

the pool thinghy looks so shiok.....the boy does look a little tense in the begining.....

Thank god your aircon came back, now you can be more comfy liao....:)

Think L is too old to go into the water naked liao lar,,,,not nice also hor!

J@n!ce said...

Such an enjoyment for ZJ!! Its a joy seeing the little baby in the pool. We have a spa shop near my house here too & I love to hop in to see the baby enjoy spa. LOL :D

blurblur said...

Wow, can see from the video that ZJ really enjoys himself, kicking and 'swimming' in the spa pool! hehe.. :)

Glad that your new aircon is up, weather has been so hot!! :)

Michelle said...

wah! 3 mths old already started "swimming". i cant wait for my son to turn 3 mths too then can throw him in the baby pool. ;)

Rachel said...

aiyo! so cute! Where you find the float just for the head??

maybe I should tried Ryan on one too!

This is real cool!

ten3001 said...

wow! how u survive so many weeks of hvg no air con in this killer weather!!


Wonderful Life said...

Wow... ZJ so brave!! *clap-clap* He seems to enjoy himself in the pool.

There's once I saw a video of a baby (looks like barely a month's old) was put in the pool just like Z. And the baby struggled and cried pitifully till the face turned blue!! So kesian...looks torturing.

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