Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun @Zoo

We have not been to the zoo for a looooong time, ever since our membership expired. I feel so bad... They used to go zoo and bird park very often but not anymore.

L's character education teacher asked who has been to the newly renovated zoo during lesson, all of them raised up their hands except 3 students, including my girl. She was so sad.... She didn't tell me till few days ago.

It was a 'wake up call' for us. We have not been to many places since my pregnancy and LZdaddy has been busy with work and business trips. We can't take these as an excuse..... No matter how busy we are or lazy, we must make effort to bring them to places like these.

LZdaddy was the one who suggested going to the zoo today (I mentioned it to LZdaddy what L told me). LZ were excited since last night! They were jumping with joy! That showed how much they missed the zoo.

We did the right thing! LZ had so much fun! We arrived at the zoo at 10+am. It rained for a while after we arrived there for half hour but that didn't dampen their spirits! They already told us what they would like to see before we arrived. Then when we were about to leave at 5+pm, it started raining again. We were giggling while running towards the exits and we slowed down when we see animals! I was carrying Beanie, with a blanky covering his head and Z was running next to me. L was running with daddy. So fun!

It was Beanie's 1st trip to the zoo and I'm sure he didn't know where he was at. he must be thinking that mommy 'tortured' him by bringing him to such a HOT place. Hehehe... Beanie slept half the time and I was glad that we bought a little fan to keep him cool.

When we were at the Children World, he pooped so much that he stained his clothes! Love to see his poop! Weird mommy right? The yellow mustard poop! Every time I look at it, I'm so happy! Coz it means he has been drinking my milk and it should be this colour. Hehehe...

Oh! I want to ask you readers something. There's a nursing/diaper changing room in the Children World and I was wondering if man are allowed to go in. I was breastfeeding Beanie when this man came in with the wife to change diaper for their kid and to stay cool in there (there's aircon in the room). I was uncomfortable and hoping they will leave soon. I had to draw to curtain but as soon as I close the curtain, I felt so hot! I was perspiring and feeding him! I know the curtain is meant for privacy but it was so hot feeding there with the curtain drawn. I can't feel the aircon at all. And of coz if this man is alone with the child, then he had no choice but he was there for the aircon!

Z gone wild in the Children World! He was running everywhere and we had a hard time trying to catch up with him. LZdaddy worried most, he worried that Z would hurt his arm again. It was tough just trying to get a pic of him.

L gone wild too! At least it was easier to get her to come to me. The only complaint that I got from her was why I never prepare swimsuit for them. I told helper to prepare towels and extra clothes except the swimsuits.


Angeline said...

Keatkeat took that exact same photo with the 'grass train' too!!! Just that I didn't post it up.

Aces Family said...

hi LZmommy,

Wow..looks like LZ had great fun@ the be honest, i have not bring my children to the NEW zoo this is also a "wake-up" call for me..thanks for reminding : P


Jan said...

Don't have to feel bad lar, how to run all over the place when you are preggie right....and it's isn't too late to make it up to the kids. :)

We go to the zoo very often too because we are members of the zoo....only difference is, it's always the 3 of us (the rays & me) daddy's always working too! :)

blurblur said...

This is such a fun family outing! And don't feel guilty,Jane, you're doing all you can to keep the kids company! :)

Damien has been asking us to bring him to the zoo recently...hmm..maybe this weekend..before school re-opens on Monday.. :)

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