Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Be A Better Cook....

... LZdaddy bought these for me! Did LZdaddy bought these because I'm a very lousy cook? Maybe... Haha.. He knows I enjoys watching their cook shows and I didn't want to spend money buying the books for myself (rather spend on my kids). AND he felt guilty that he didn't buy me anything for his recent trips. He asked me what I want and I told him nothing that I need.

He bought these from overseas and I think it was much cheaper. Thank you my love! I received my very early presents for my birthday!

LZdaddy has been away for 10 days and is finally back home today... We missed him very very much... At least he gets to spend the next few days with the kids before school reopens.


blurblur said...

That's so sweet of LZdaddy! :) I think he bouth these books because he knows you love cooking, not because you're a lousy cook lah...hehe.. :)

3lilangels said...

Lucky you! I love their cook shows too, but to watch and not to cook. LOL!

Jan said...

no lar, am sure he loves your cooking. He knows you love to experiment and cook new things so giving you new ideas. :)

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