Monday, June 22, 2009

Holiday Workshop - Fantasy Science Journey

I wanted to enrol LZ for more Science Workshops or cooking classes but I was too late, most of the classes were full or they have attended before. I was glad there was vacancies for this 3 hr workshop and of coz I asked LZ if they want to join in.

Through the journey across 4 'islands', they did experiments (which is their favourites), learned about water pressure etc...

Giant Land
One of the experiment they did:
Using water bottle as submarine, they learned that 'submarine' sinks when water enters and increases air pressure.

Elves Land
One of the experiments they did:
They placed some cut papers on the table, rub the balloons and when thye put it near the table, the cut papers stick to the balloons - static electricity.

Witches Land
One of the experiments they did:
They mixed baking soda and vineger and that caused the solution to turn fizzy (the witches' Brew).

They also learned the Pig Pen Code. I think they may write secret letters to each other using that! Hehehe...

Dragon Land
They were given a small parachute toy, through that, they learned about air resistance. The staffs also set up a Giant Web (to rescue the dragon who was stuck in there) and they kids had fun going into it.

LZ had a good time in the workshop. They were 'fighting' to tell me what experiments they did and L telling me that at times she needed to help Z with the experiments. When I read through the programme, I didn't think it was that interesting. I'm so happy they enjoyed it! Sometimes, no choice is a good choice.


NomadicMom said...

Looks like the kids did alot of "constructive" stuff during the holidays. it's summer holidays now...and it's my turn to look for interesting and NON-computer/TV/Games stuff to occupy my kids' time.

thinkingmama said...

Hi, do you mind sharing where is this interesting science programe from?

LZmommy said...

When I look back at what we did this June holiday, I agree that what we did was constructive and enjoyable for the kids :)

Mine is the the other way round :) They only get to play more computer games and more tv times. Hope you have found interesting things to do for the boys :)

I think they only have all these programme during long school holiday in CC. You can check out PA website for details or your nearest CC. :)

thinkingmama said...

Thanks for the reply. Another question to disturb you. How do you do the scrap book type of layout for your pictures in your blog? Which program are you using? Thanks.

LZmommy said...

No problem :) I am using photoshop for my scrapbooking. You can try google free scrapbooking software and you should be able to find one if you do not have photoshop.

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