Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Chess Challenge 2011

This is probably the last competition for this year and also Z's last year in the Under 8 category.  How I wish he could take part in the U8 next year but unfortunately no, even though he doesn't turns 9 till December next year.   It's gonna be tough for him next year (he's still a newbie in competition) coz usually for those age 9, you are often in the U10 or  U12 category.

The first round, his opponent was a girl he played with in one of the competitions.  He was so happy he won again!
 In between the challenges, the kids played chess.  That's why he loves going for competition, he gets to play/chat with other kids. 
 3rd round, he faced an opponent he lost twice to.  This time, he was so happy he won him! And I think it's the first time he won a rated player! 
 It was so sweet of Philip to cater lunch for the kids.
4th round, he played with the brother of his first opponent.  Parents of the kids that played with this boy for the first 3 rounds weren't very happy coz he often pushed down or drop the pieces and talk too much, and in a way their kiddos lost the game due to that.  These parents warned us about him and hope my boy will win him.  Perhaps he's not ready to sit throughout the games, he's only  4+ yr old I think, and the brother or the helper kept going to the table which was not right.  But I must say that this boy did pretty well too.

Before the game starts, told my boy to focus on the game as usual.  Realised I'm such a nag! Saying the same thing for 7 rounds! Hehe....  Glad to say he won!
When he lost the next round (against a player he played with before), he was pretty upset.  He went to his coach and find out what wrong moves did he make.  I am glad he did that.
 Waiting patiently for the prize giving ceremony and wondering if he will win any trophy...
 He was so happy when his name was called for the top 10 U8! He was in the 6th position!  See how excited he was, grabbing the trophy from the boss of Mind Stretcher!  Haha... 
 Well done my boy! This was his 4th competition and his FIRST trophy!
 So proud of you, my son!

His result:

Rd 1 (bd 6) - Diana won
Rd 2 (bd 6) -  Daren Aik won
Rd 3 (bd 3) - Lee I-Shiang(1016) won
Rd 4 (bd 2) - Daniel won
Rd 5 (bd 2) - Irwin Chua(1021) lost
Rd 6 (bd 2) - Royce Tan(1133) lost
Rd 7 (bd 4) - Chan Ji Zhen lost


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