Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hong Kong Day 6 - Disneyland

Day 6  - 6th Dec 2011

We have another full day at Disneyland! 
As we were very early, we took our time.  Taking pics at places where there were too many people yesterday.  
Little ones were excited to see the antique car, which we missed out yesterday.  Most people would have the initiative to form a queue to take pics or when taking rides but unfortunately some don't.   I had to 'argue' with some coz they simply pushed my kids.  

Told daddy to put Beanie behind the restricted area and little one 'cried'.  Yes, he's good at pretending nowadays!  Haha! 

One of their favourite rides!  We thought it would be boring cruising around but it was so fun & entertaining!  

Another of my older babies favourite ride!  They went for it a few times!  Can you spot them?  They are in the first row! 
Beanie enjoyed this ride.  He wasn't afraid of the height at all! 
Can't resist getting this cute ice cream for my kiddos. 

My kiddos weren't keen to go for this Golden Mickey show but I managed to convince them.  At the end of it, my kiddos said "Mommy, it's a good show!"
We went around for more rides till it was time to watch the fireworks.  Little one slept for a little while.
Had late dinner at our hotel.  It was another tiring but wonderful day for us.


Blessed mum said...

your camera is really good! can take such fast speed shot!

LZmommy said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

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