Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hong Kong Day 7 - Home Sweet Home

Day 7 - 7th Dec 2011

Last day in Hong Kong and we had breakfast with Mickey & his friends! Couldn't resist posting lots of pics of my kiddos. 

My babies was thrilled to see all their favourite characters again!  

L & Z helped themselves at the buffet, at times we stopped to take more pics. 
Beanie was very busy!  Eyes on food rather than the characters.  Haha... 

Love it when Beanie sat with L to have their fruits.
After breakfast, they played in the garden.  Z helping Beanie to catch L at the maze.
I have no idea why he posed this way!  Say cheese! 
Back at the hotel, they played at the playground.
Took more pics...

It was getting hot, so we headed to the kids playroom.  
Had our lunch at the cafe.

Since we have some time left, we went back to the kids room again.
At the airport...  We had plenty of time to do some last minutes shopping. 

It was an enjoyable trip for LZfamily!  Blessed with good weather and a safe trip.


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