Friday, December 09, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 - The Peak

Day 3 - 3rd Dec 2011

Kiddos were hungry when they woke up.
Our turn to have our breakfast, tim sum!  2nd round for my kiddos.
At the MTR station.  Hmmm.... Realised my babies simply loved to sit on the floor wherever we go...  Simply love this pic of them!
Queueing up to go up to the peak.  Long queue but weather was very nice so they didn't complain much.  Haha! 

Finally up at the peak! LZ with their funny faces again.
My princess happily posed for me while my 2 boys wanted to roam around first.   It was also quite glaring for them to take nice pics for me.  My gal doesn't look like her age at all!  Time passed so fast!   
Everyone was busied writing love note at the peak, including LZdaddy & L.  They wrote about their love for our family.  So what was 老二 writing? 
I was sooooo touched!  He wrote: Mom, I will forever love you the most in the family.   LZdaddy teased him throughout the trip because of this. Haha...  
The enjoyed running around up at the peak.
Making himself comfy...  Relaxing...
Taking turns to look through the scope.
After writing the notes, they hanged it here. 
Having our ice cream break.
My little one loved it there! Plenty of space for him to roam around.  
Like I said, my kiddos love sitting on the floor!  Haha... 
A visit to the wax museum is a must.  
It was getting dark by the time we left.  A nice walk to the station.  So happy finally get to eat 咖哩鱼蛋, bought from the station.  My older babies loved it too!  Wanted to head to the night market but the kiddos were too tired... 
After shower, Z read fire engine story for Beanie...  He was thrilled that we bought him a set of storybooks on vehicles. 


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