Sunday, December 11, 2011

LZ's Birthday - Bowling Party

It's LZ's birthdays tomorrow and we arranged a small party for them with their close friends from school.

The kids had their lunch at Burger King.  It was kind of the manager to let us 'book' a corner at a last minutes so that all the kids could sit together.
Girls had their little corner and the boys too.
As usual, they each have their own birthday cake.  L had Smurf & Z had Angry Bird.  They wanted these so that they get to keep the figurines!  Haha!
A sweet pic of my babies!
The girls...  And L wants Beanie to be there with them.
The boys...  The boy on Z's left is his buddy since K1 and also the one that we met in Hong Kong.
Making their birthday wishes... See Beanie?  He is more excited than his siblings!  
Blowing out candles...
The kids have been waiting for this! Bowling time! Not fun at all when hubs & I have to get them ready, making sure they do not hurt themselves when playing and taking care of my little one too.
But it was worth it when we see how happy the kids were, especially my birthday babies!
This is also the FIRST time Beanie tried bowling!  He had fun too! Sitting on the floor to roll the ball at times!  Haha...
Thank you to all their friends who turned up for their birthday party and their godparents too!


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