Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hong Kong Trip - Day 1

Day 1 - 1st Dec 2011

A family trip to Hong Kong!  We actually planned to celebrate LZ's birthday there but unfortunately, it was fully booked.  We are just glad to be able to have a holiday trip planned at the last minutes.  LZ is getting older,  would love to go there before they outgrow it.  And Beanie is crazy about Mickey Mouse now!

I would like to thank Fannie for sharing info with me since she's going to Hong Kong too.   We were able to plan out our itinerary before leaving.

 My Babies were excited to be going for this trip! 
 LZ were seated together in the plane.
 Beanie's FIRST flight! Having his FIRST aircraft meal. He must be hungry!  Finished everything!  He was so well behaved throughout.  Well done my boy! 
 He's making himself comfy at the airport, while LZdaddy were buying my fav mango dessert from 许留山 and waiting for our transport.
 After checking in to hotel, we explored around..  Weather was perfect!  My babies told me they love such cool weather. 
 My 3 little ones waited while we figuring out the way... 
 Found the place we planned to go,  Sam Tung Uk Museumthe Sam Tung Uk Museum provides an authentic and fascinating insight into the lifestyles of villagers in the New Territories before modern development completely transformed this once entirely rural area. 
 I thought my little ones may be bored with visit to museum, but I was wrong! My older ones loved reading the info, asking daddy lots of questions and then running around with the youngest exploring the place. 
 They were amazed by the stuffs that we saw... 
 It was a good choice for us to just explore the places around our hotel, visiting this museum before the fun begins the next day.
After a tired day, kiddos had fun in the bathtub before calling it a night... 


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