Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hong Kong Day 5 - Disneyland

Day 5 - 5th Dec 2011

Highlight of the trip - Hong Kong Disneyland!  My kiddos have been looking forward to it and we saved the best for the last! Hehe... 
As soon as we arrived at our hotel, we 'dumped' our bags at the concierge and went to the park.
They were a little tired, waking up early and from the bus ride.   
While waiting for the parade....
Little ones were elated when they saw the parade, especially Beanie!  No more feeling tired!
The real fun begins for my babies! The rides! 
Little one enjoyed the car ride with daddy.
Had fun at the waterplay area. 
LZ favourite ride!  They went for many rounds for the 2 days we were there. 
Beanie was so tired that he fell asleep while they were on the teacup ride. 
We took pics with the characters on the first day.
Goofy was the most cheeky among the characters. He played with Beanie, cuddled him and 'spanked' him.  He had lots of fun!  LZ had more fun with Pluto, asking for kiss from them!
Looking at the smiles on their faces, we knew it was a great idea to come here before they outgrow it.   
After a day of fun, we finally check in to our room! 


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