Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 - Ocean Park

Day 2 - 2nd Dec 2011

FIRST time our family took train together!  We relied so much on our cars back home and it was great that we took public transport when we were there.

Family pic before exploring Ocean Park!
This trip, Beanie loved taking pics!  Be it with L, Z or us.
My princess took lots of cheeky pics!
Love this pic!  The 3 of them were so happy and loveeeee the way L took care of Beanie during rides!
Had fun at the playground.
The boys were excited being a 'firemen' for this shooting game.
His cable car ride...
LZ can't wait to go for the thrilling rides...
But naughty mommy insisted they took some pics first.
They love this ride!  Went for it a few times! 
Not when they saw more game stalls & rides!  
Another pic of sunset..
Another ride that my older babies love!  It was getting cold but they loved it! 
What a small world!  Z met his classmate, J while we were there! 


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