Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ls' Ballet Performance - Annual Concert 2011

L's very FIRST concert for her ballet!  After learning it for the past few years, she finally had a performance.  For the past few years, she didn't get the chance the perform as her teacher was on maternity leaves (twice) when it was time to prepare for concert.  And then, change of teacher and so on....

It was a mad rush for me and not for my kids today!  I had to be with Z when he went for his competition and I sneaked home halfway to make up for L.  Then back to where Z had his competition.

She is all ready to go!  Daddy & Beanie sent her to the concert hall.  When she arrived at the hall, she realised she forgot her white shirt! *faint*  Daddy had to get home to pick up the shirt and send it to her!

She brought a camera with her and took some 'behind-the-scene' pics... 
She told me she had so much fun with her friends and the big jiejies. 
We were not allowed to take any pics but broke the rule.  Hence it was not a great shot.  I find that the company indeed know how to make money...  Not allowing us to take pics and then selling it to us at a high price.  Haiz... 
After the finale.... 
We managed to make it on time to see her performance!  We didn't managed to get anyone to babysit our boys so I decided to bring Z along with me while daddy & Beanie waited for us outside. 
It was an awesome performance!  Well done my sweetie! I am glad I was there to watch you perform! 


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