Saturday, December 02, 2006

2006 School Concert

It was L's 1st performance on stage and no stage fright. She was fantastic! I'm sooo proud of her! When I watched the performance, I knew she enjoyed herself, smiling throughout.

When I see those K2 going on stage to collect their cert, I was emotional.... I know I know... It's not my girl. But I have seen these kids growing up and I know eveyone of them (from our branch). Best wishes to them!

In the morning, L kept reminding me to put on makeup for her. So I did.... But it was good not enough....

Pics from the concert
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Jan said...

She looks so grown a big girl liao more small kiddo!!!

You must have been really proud of her!!! Good job L!!!

huisia said...

Girls will be girls, like to put on make up LOL!

MyBabies said...

Thanks :) I can't believe I'll be registering her for P1 next year!

Ya lor.. She started telling me the day before.

kelly said...

She looked lovely with the makeup..and ya, she's a big girl already! I will receive pics of Qianyi's first live performance only when her school can't blog about it now.

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