Friday, December 22, 2006

My Nephew Has Arrived!

My dear cousin, Fonia has delivered on 21 December! Hurray! Congrats! We are overjoyed with this news. :D But we won't be able to see our baby nephew till he is back in Singapore. Baby SF (yet to decided a name) decided to come out earlier than expected, his due date was Christmas day.

She is alone for the confinement with the help of my cousin-in-law only. I am sure S will take good care of Fonia and she is such a capable woman. We look forward to seeing her next year!


tamarind kwek said...

Merry Christmas !

And congrats for your new baby nephew :)

mama WnW said...

Merry X'mas!

Congrats on the arriving for your new baby nephew :) show picture please! heheee!

huisia said...

Congrats for the arrival of your baby nephew!
BTW, where is he staying?

Ricket said...


Babies are always a joy to receive. It should be the mommy's best Christmas gift ever.

MyBabies said...

Thank You everyone :)

She is staying in Italy, the shopping paradise :)

kelly said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I didn't hire a confinement lady either. My hubby took one month off to take care of me and baby...:p

kelly said...

I left a comment here yesterday..but it's not published. :(

Guess your cousin is coping well with her hubby's help. It's my hubby (only) who took care of me and baby Qianyi during my confinement. He took a month off to be a confinement daddy.

eastcoastlife said...

Visiting through MyBlogLog. Beautiful kids you have here. You called yourself LZMommy, I thot it was Lazy Mommy! hahaha.....

Anyway, congrats on the arrival of your baby nephew and
Have a wonderful year 2007!
My hugs to your babies!!

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