Friday, December 01, 2006

Birthday Preparation

This morning, I have finally sent out all the invitation cards for their birthday party. I will need to get more tickets for the party though... Probably will do it on Sunday.

Both yet to decide what kind of cake designs they want but I do know Z would love to have Mcqueen and L would love to have a Winx Club cake. The other day, L & Z met our neighbour, Auntie C and her hubby. They remembered their birthdays, they asked what kind of cake would they like and she said they are going to order a cake for them! I have such sweet neighbours! Not that they are ordering a cake for them, but they remembered LZ 's birthday!

This year, I don't have much to prepare compared to last year. I need to get their goodies bags ready for the school friends and the party. Mommy yet to buy their birthday presents but I do know very well what they would like to get for their birthdays. And I need to get new swimwear for them too!

I hope they will like what I have planned for them this year. They are looking forward to it and their friends too. I didn't invite all their classmates this year and some of them were disappointed ( thanks to my girl for telling everyone abt it and I don't blame her. Kids are excited abt their birthdays....). Remembered I did the charity event for the school? That's why the children including the K2s are very close to me. I do get to see them very often in school. I feel bad.... But it is very tiring to organise a big party. I told the kids that we will have a small party for them in school. That's probably make them feel better.


kelly said...

Do L and Z share the same birthday?

MyBabies said...

Yes :) They same the same birthdate.

Jan said...

oh wow, this is something new I learn about L & Z today...they share the same birthday.....must have been so exciting for them...knowing they share the same birthday (of cos different year lar)!!!

huisia said...

They share a same birthday date?

huisia said...

Oh, i read your answer above, wah, same date, so special!

MyBabies said...

Jan & Huisia
I was very very happy when my boy was born on the same day as L. It was natural and we decided to let he choose the date he wants to come out. :)

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