Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's About Time....

It's time for Z to say goodbye to his milk bottle.... I asked him if he would like to drink from a cup and he said YES! From now on, Z will be having his milk in a cup with jiejie. My boy has grown up! Yippee!


huisia said...

Wah, good boy le...
My Jo still sticking on his bottle everyday even water also from bottle.

kelly said...

Qianyi still drinks milk from her bottle and water from a sippy cup...When she drinks water from a cup, she would surely wet her clothes. Well done Z!

MyBabies said...

Coz he has a older sis, so he tends to follow what his jiejie do. :)

Intially he wet his clothes. Give Qianyi some time, she will be able to do it. :)

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