Friday, December 15, 2006

You Know Why I love You?

While we were walking toward the mall this evening.... Z was on my left & L was on my right and I was asking them what would they like to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Me : What would you like to have for lunch tomorrow? Daddy will be working, so there will be 3 of us only.

Z : I want eat noodle!

L : I want to eat noodles too!

Me : OK then... We will cook noodle tomorrow and let's go the supermarket now.

L : Mommy, you know why I love you?

Me : Hmmm... I don't know,why don't you tell me?

L : I love you because you always cook for us.

Me : Oh... You mean you only love me for that? ( Is she telling me that if I don't cook for them, they will not love me? Hehehe....)

L : No! I love you because you take care of us, you shower for us, you read to us every night and you scold me because you want me to be good.

Me : So you love because I am your mommy right?

L : Yes! You are my mommy and that's why I love you. With a big smile on her face

Z who has been quiet throughout...
Z : I love mommy, daddy and jiejie!

Whatever reasons she give me, I know my love for them will never change.......... :)


huisia said...

L is a very thoughtful daughter lol...

kelly said...

Ah, so sweet... I'm waiting for Qianyi to tell me that...

MyBabies said...

I'm sure Qianyi will tell you that soon :)

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