Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goodbye To Their Old School

It was time for them to say goodbye to their school since the school will be close on Thursday & Friday.... Honestly, I'm very happy. How about L & Z? Well, they are looking forward to their new school and they will miss their friends only.

I was disappointed with the school for the last few weeks. When we send in the withdrawal letter, we thought they would be professional, to treat us the same. How wrong I was! I don't received anymore updates through email from the school since 1 month ago and I have to ask other mommies to forward it to me. When I asked them, they claimed there was something wrong with my email account or computer. Funny thing was, I asked them through email and they replied me! Teachers used to update us when we picked up our kids but we don't get them anymore too. Anyway, enough of that....

Their last day was no difference from other days. I told them to say goodbye to their friends and L did but Z was too young to understand. It was probably better this way..... I told my babies to tell me if they ever need to talk about their old school or friends. I don't want them to hide their feelings. Let's hope things will be better from now on....


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