Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Party @ school

It was raining heavily so the party was held indoor. I was late for the party as I can't get the taxi and by the time I reached the school, they have started performing. :(

It was like a farewell party for the school as they will be moving to the new premise next week. It was great to see most parents turned up.... I made the cupcakes as it was a potluck. It was my first attempt and I was very happy when it was the first item to finish!

After the party, we went to Uncle Boon's bday party at Pasir Ris Chalet. It was another late night for them.


huisia said...

Your cupcake looked so yummy le..dont look like first time la..

MyBabies said...

hehehe... Thanks for the compliment :)

Mama Bliss said...

oooh the cupcakes looked so colourful and YUMMILICIOUS teehehe... *salivate*

MyBabies said...

Thank you Mamabliss :) If we ever meet I will bake some for you :)

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