Monday, December 18, 2006

Movie - Charlotte's Web

We went for the movie with godparents and it was the 1ST time they picked them up from school. Both were surprised!

We wanted to watch "Open Season" but we were late so we decided to watch this instead. L liked the show but Z were quite restless halfway. Think it could be the seat, the booster seat was hard and he eventually sit on my lap. I told godma next time we should go to Cathay where the seats are more comfy...

Too bad daddy can't go for the show.... So L tried to tell daddy what's the show abt.


Mom to Angels said...

So was the movie great? But Kieran cannot sit still in a cinema :( We've brought him to watch "Cars" - and that was his first & last.

MyBabies said...

The movie was ok but not as exciting as Happy Feet though.... Maybe you should try the movie "Open Season",it looks good :) Kids love animals.

Mama Bliss said...

wow Charlotte's Web looks good... wonder when I'd be able to bring Timothy to a movie hehehe

MyBabies said...

It's quite good :) Maybe you can try :)

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