Thursday, December 07, 2006

Z On MC Too

The school called me this late afternoon to inform me that Z's eyes were swollen after he woke up from his nap. L was very pale and she complained of ear ache and she vomited too. We brought both of them to the doctor.....

Now, Z is infected (pink eye) too.... Doctor said that it was good that we detected it early and they will be OK in 2 days time. L's ear ache was probably due to her swimming yesterday.... I hope my babies will recover soon... I feel sad everytime they are sick :(

I asked Doctor if they will recover by Sunday, and he said not to worry. When he found out that it was their party, he gave each of them a bottle of vitamin C as a present. He was so sweet, last year he did the same too and he didn't charged for Z, saying that they use the same medicine :) He worried we will get it too, so he adviced us to put the eye drop as well.

I don't have any problem putting eye drop and eye cream for L but for Z, it was a struggle. It took us a long time to coax him... I need to put eye drop for him every hour for the first day, how am I going to do it? Probably with lots of bribery and threats.


kelly said...

Hope L and Z will get well real soon. I've never tried putting eye drop for Qianyi...but I can imagine how hard it will be...

crazymommy said...

Oh dear... hope they will be well soon. You also have to take care too.

huisia said...

Poor Z, hope they both getting better now!
Wow, the doctor so nice LOL!

MyBabies said...

Thank you Huisia :)

Our family doctor is a very funny guy. If they feel slighly unwell, they will ask when they get to see the doc! *faint*

MyBabies said...

Thank you Kelly & Crazymommy,
They have recovered! :)

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