Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve

Our friends came over for gathering.  Not many pics of the day coz I was very busy, not cooking though. 2 of us went to get the food while the daddies stayed with the kids.  

We had sushi, fried whole chicken, honey baked ham, seafood, cheese, wine etc...LZdaddy bought  big bag of clams from Sheng Siong and steamed it with garlic & chilli!  It was a feast!  We ate non-stop for few hours..

My girlfriend and I prepared goody bags for the kids and it was a great idea!  The kids loves it!  I think I would do that again next year if we have kids coming to our house.

It was Beanie's FIRST Christmas!  He doesn't what it means but when he is older, we will explain to him.  He was sitting with us (adult) most of the time coz the only thing he was interested in was eat & eat & EAT! Hahaha...  My friends were shocked to see the amt of food & snacks he ate!  Hahaha...

The gathering ended past midnight...  By then Beanie & L were very sleepy except Z.  He was so awake, yakking non-stop.  But the moment he hit the sack, he fell asleep. 

Christmas Day

My Babies can't wait to open their presents! The first thing they did after greeting us was to open all of it!  Hahaha...


Blessed mum said...

nice to have gathering...

beanie can really eat!! He is so cute now..

Angeline said...

Beanie still looks great with such appetite! *giggle*
My eldest niece eat alot too when she was a baby and is stayed overweight till this day. *faint*

NomadicMom said...

Wow... How much your beanie has grown!!!

blurblur said...

NOthing beats spending holiday with friends and family!! :)

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