Sunday, December 13, 2009

Church Holiday Camp Performance

After attending 4 Sundays of Holiday Camp, the kids did a performance today.  Z was one of the Kings & L is in the choir and was appointed the leader for the choir.   I love to see my kids perform together, regardless of what role they played.  I am looking forward to the day Beanie can join them for all kinds of activities.

Have you seen a King with fractured thumb?  You will see one in the video. So does the King enjoy the performance?  Yes He did.  How about my little singer?  She enjoyed too.  Whenever I want to to sign them up for any programme, I always ask them.  I don't want to drag any of them to the classes.  I have seen it before, I won't want that to happen and if I'm the kid, I would want programme that interest me. 

The performance last about 15 mins and I edited it to less than 10 mins. I had a clear view of Z but not L... She was standing at the back coz she is tall among them.  It is no fun trying to record the whole thing while carrying Beanie in the carrier. I'm so glad I brought the stand along, made my life easier..  LZdaddy left this morning for his trip and I'm one person who doesn't like to bring my helper everywhere I go.  I personally believe I can handle my kids on my own when we are out, if not why should I give birth to them and can't handle them?  Of coz I'm am thankful that my kids are quite well behaved when I am alone with them. They know if they don't behave, we will be stuck at home till daddy is back from overseas.  Hahaha...


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