Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party - For The Young Ones

Every year before Christmas, LZ's eldest cousin always organize a Christmas party.  Even after she left for Australia for her studies, she will be back to do that.  This year, no difference from other years, she is back for Christmas again and LZ are at the age that they 'qualified' to attend the party.  Hehehe...

Past few years, they were too younger to join in and now they are thrilled when their big sister invited them. They were told to get a present each for the gift exchange.   The very next day after they were invited, LZ couldn't wait any longer and we went to get the presents.  We shopped a long time coz they wanted to get something that their cousins would love to receive.  I thought that was very thoughtful of them.

While LZ were having fun with their cousins, we had a nice dinner with Beanie at a Chinese restaurant.  It is so rare that we spend time alone with him.  I think he enjoyed all the attentions from us.

 They played games like musical chairs, watch movie and the highlight was the gift exchange.. Their cousins' pet dog has a Christmas gift too!  While the older ones had red wine, LZ had ribena!

We met my BIL at the mall and he invited us to join in the party.  But we would rather not since it was a party for the younger generation and I'm sure they will enjoy more without the 'older' ones around.  Gosh!  It makes me sound so old!  Hehehe...  

Their cousins took very good care of LZ, especially Z. They each had a gorgor & jiejie to take care of them.  LZ enjoyed the party very much and they are looking forward to next year party!


Aces Family said... heartwarming to be able to attend such party...sigh..our family don't have such enjoyment as all anthea/anders's cousins are younger than them..haha : P

Glad to see LZ enjoying their time & Beanie having all the attention wz daddy/mommy.


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