Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 Days Holiday Camp

For the past 4 days, LZ joined a 4 days holiday workshop at a Chinese Language school.

1st day: Pull Mee!
Z tried making noodles at MALAN Noodle restaurant.  Yes, he tried it with one hand and with the help of a teacher.  After the hands on fun, he had noodles and dessert at the restaurant with the rest.

L couldn't make it for that and was only able to join the class after lunch.  That didn't dampened her mood coz she looked forward to seeing her 2 good friends at the workshop,  Rachel & Elsie.

Day 2: Nonya Kueh & Muah chee
They visited a kueh factory and had a close look how mass production was done.  They also tried making muah chee with fillings and each brought home a pack.

Day 3: Oil Painting
L did a painting of a Christmas tree.  Z tried to paint with his left hand but was unsuccessful.  Teacher asked him what he wanted to draw and helped him.

Day 4: Stones & Goli
They visited Children Little Museum and had fun trying out the games that I used to play.  I think day 4 is the only day that Z was able to enjoy himself to the fullest.

Here's a video of them having fun with the thingy (don't know what should I call it), made up of goli and sticks.

Just a note on what they did on their 1st 2 weeks of school holiday.  I signed L up for the Maths & Science workshop.  Science is a new subject to her and if I teach her myself, I think she would probably falls asleep.  Hehehe....  And she will be doing Higher Maths next year  so I signed her up for these 2 classes. 

As for Z, I signed him up for Maths initially but since he had to wait for me to come pick both of them at the same time, the center suggested I enrolled him for the English Creative Writing.  I think they rather be there coz our block is currently undergoing quite a major construction and it is terribly noisy and dusty. 


Angeline said...

That thingy is so fun!!!
Your kids are so fun to watch. *smile*

Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!

blurblur said...

I am sure they had loads of fun at the camp!! :)

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