Friday, December 25, 2009

Beanie @ 10 Months Old

Beanie turns 10 Months Old on Christmas Day!  Another 2 months he will be 1 yr old! Time passes too fast...

My little cheeky boy knows has a way to our heart and I hope he will not be over pampered by us, especially his siblings... Whatever he wants, they will give in to him. If he wants something that is not within his reach, he knows how to 'ask' them to get it for him.  He looks at the thing, make some noise and his dearest 哥哥 and 姐姐 will help him.  Everyday, they kiss him many times.  In the morning, afternoon, evening, before school, after school, etc.... In fact, they kiss him for no reason throughout the day!  Hahaha...

He loves playing 'catching' with them lately.  All of them will be on all fours and giggle throughout!  My house is full of laughter!  When I'm not busy, I just sit there and enjoy the moments...

L & Z look forward to Beanie's 1st birthday!  They are counting down to his big day and I don't need a calendar at all! Hahaha... They are very excited and have been asking me if we will have a birthday bash for him. 

@ 10months old (achievement, likes & behavior):

★ has 8 teeth now, 4 top & 4 bottom.
★ knows how to wave goodbye when we ask him to.  But there are days that he doesn't want to wave at all (4th Dec, 1st time - after paying Z's school fees, the counter staff wave goodbye to him and wave bk!)
★ says "Mama, mum mum, papa"
★ He is cruising around more often now, holding furniture to move from one place to another.
★ (8th dec) he begins to open & close my cabinet.  He takes out all the CDs and left it all over the floor.
★ When ask to give me the thing in his hand, he will pass it to me.
★ it is quite difficult to cut his nails lately coz he doesn't want to sit still.  Tried sitting in front of the TV and cut for him but his attention span is short lived.  He is my only baby that is not so interested in tv programme.  The only thing that he is interested is food, I think.  Haha...
★ he shows interest in cars, just like LZdaddy.  He likes to crawl and push the car.
★ He had his first taste of juice (10th dec)
★ When he sees a pen or marker, he will grab it and tries to draw/scribble.
★  He likes to look at the mirror.  When he sees himself, he smiles and look at me.
★ He laugh a lot!  Sometimes he hears silly sounds or expressions, he laugh out loudly.
★ He smiles at everyone when they look at him but when strangers try to talk to him he will be shy and hide his face. 


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