Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We don't Want You Anymore!

Finally Z removed his cast today!  This time I wasn't with him, LZdaddy went to the hospital with him.  Before he left for the hospital, he said he is scared of the removal, ... He remembered what happened the last time and the sound (when they saw the cast). I told him he is my brave little boy and nothing should scare him.

When Z came home, he told me he didn't cry at all.  Yes, he is my brave little boy. 

Goodbye cast!  We do not want to see you on Z anymore!  Please stay far far away from our boy!  We pray hard that Z does not need to go through such torture anymore...


Brought Z to the optical shop after that to make new specs for him.. He broke the old one... Haiz... Boys...

Actually he doesn't need to wear it all the time, but we told him to wear it when he goes to school so he will be able to see the white board.   At home, he doesn't wear it unless he is at the computer or watching TV.


Angeline said...

Oh yes!
Shoo shoo shooo.... go away!
Cast no-more!!!

blurblur said...

Cool specs!! :)
And yes, no more cast for Z! No more!!

Angie said...

yes!! go away!! shoo!!

Blessed mum said...

hmm..still prefer the old one :)

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