Monday, January 04, 2010

1st Day of School & Bento 138(LZ) & Bento 139 (LZ)

Today was Z FIRST day in primary school!  Yeah!  A day he has been looking forward to!  He was overwhelmed with excitement last night that he slept an hour after his bedtime.

I was tearing while helping to adjust his uniform this morning....  I have to admit that my little boy is a big boy now..  I am more worried for him, compared to jiejie...  He tends to rely on us sometimes to take care of things and it is time for us to let go.  I think we showered too much attention to him coz of his arm (broke his arms & hand thrice) and we heard so much about being a middle child. 

L looked forward to school too! Meeting new friends and old ones.  She hoped that she will get a form teacher as nice as Ms Liang but... Her form teacher very fierce.  I noticed that the teachers in P1 & 2 are very nice and approachable.  I won't say the same for P3 onwards...  Probably children more tough to handle as they get older?!

This year is also the first year L has a new subject, Science.  So far, she shows interest in it and has read quite a few books on Science. I think it is going to be heavy workload for her and competitive too since she is in the top class.  I told her what most important is that she knows she has put in efforts in her studies.

When we arrived at school, I entered the school first.  The school was promoting 'Dads For Life' (launching in FEB 2010) and encouraged daddies to send their children to school.  LZdaddy was very supportive!  Here's a pic of him walking into the school with L, Z & Beanie.  Not a clear pic though... Got the pic from the PSG. 

Apart from LZdaddy, many daddies supported it too. It was nice to see many daddies walking into the school with their kids. Needless to say, LZ were very excited that daddy sending them into the school for the 1st day. 

I took over from LZdaddy after that. As we were running late, I told L to go find her classmates which she had no problem at all.  L's P3 level was at the parade square, she approached one of the PSG mommies and managed to find her classmates.

Z & I hurriedly went up to the hall.  He is still not used to using his right hand and have been using his left hand.  I know eventually he will start using his right hand again. I was overwhelmed with emotion again while holding his hands and walking with him....  He was not nervous at all and felt excited!  He settled quickly at the hall and took out a book to read while waiting for the assembly.   

To my surprise, none of the P1 kids cried!  None peed in the pants! A big difference compared to the year I helped out (when L started P1).  They were all well behaved and it was an easy job this morning. 

After assembly and getting ready to go back to class, Z struggled a little with his school bag coz he didn't use his right hand. Otherwise, he was fine. 

Z forgot to wear his specs in the morning so we (LZdaddy, Beanie & I) rushed home after morning duty to pass it to him during recess.   LZdaddy & Beanie were waiting for me while I was on duty at the hall and at the canteen.  We think it was better this way, coz if Beanie needs milk, I can just go out to feed him and need not rush home.  My poor baby had to follow us...

Here are the bentos (they asked for these) for 1st recess. L's bento on the left and Z's bento on the right...

In the box: Mickey shaped ham & cheese sandwiches,  Mickey shaped apples, strawberries, biscuits and car shaped hard boiled egg.

Z with his buddy, Benjamin.  He is a very helpful and well mannered boy. He helped and guide Z and greeted me.  When I bought him a drink during 2nd recess, he didn't take it for granted. He asked me if he need to pay me.  I told him he deserved a drink for helping my boy.

During 2nd recess, he didn't eat at all and out of curiosity, I asked him why.  He said he didn't have enough money. I asked him how much he need and he said 50cents. I asked Z for it as I didn't have small change. After taking the money from Z, he told us he will return it tomorrow.  From one of the PSG mommies, I found out that his mommy is also a PSG member.

I think some parents did not realised that their children finished school at 3pm today,  especially it was the 1st day of school.   When I was leaving school at 1+pm, I saw a parent waiting outside the gate.  He didn't know till I told him the school ends late today.

After  finishing my duty in the canteen for the 1st recess, I rushed home to prepare their lunch.  I have less than half hour to cook and packed it.  Madness!  I had to rush coz it will soon be L's 2nd recess.  Knowing how chaotic it will be on the 1st day recess,  I think it was wiser for me to pack for them.

I told my helper to cook the rice.  Before I leave this morning, I cut out the carrots, marinate the beef and get ready whatever I can.  Both the bento contained the same food and I packed the food into their new bento boxes. As you can see, I don't even have time to shaped the rice properly.  I could have asked my helper to cook everything, but being their 1st day in school and their bentos, I hoped to be the one preparing it for them.

In the box: Beef yakiniku,  egg tofu, stir fried peas with Mickey shaped carrots and rice.

Z posed for me before he eats.  He was very happy when he saw his 2nd bento and he finished fast! There was plenty of time left after his meal so his buddy showed him around while I continued with my duty.

It was a very tiring day....  Yet I can't really sleep.  Without the help from LZdaddy, I won't be able to witness Z's 1st day in school.   Thank you daddy!  For the next few days, he will try to take care of Beanie so that I can be there. 


Angeline said...

Oh Mommy, you are so so nice to Benjamin. My boy's buddy did lots too, but Mommy was too excited over her own boy and only remembered to repeatedly say "Thank you" over the 3 days of buddy-ship. *sigh*
I should have get him something too...Hhhmmm....

Oliveoylz said...

Both kids look very ready for the challenges of a new school year. Well done to L for being in the top class. Btw, really like your school-themed scrapbooking:)

Ling That's Me said...

What a day you had on the first day! Heehee....just like me, chaotic first day too! :D

Angie said...

Wah!! so nice of you! :)

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