Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bento #146 (2 sets)

Their lunch bento for the day! If you noticed, I never use any denbu for my boy past bentos.  He refused to let me put anything that is PINK into his bento, he said "I don't want!  Pink is for girl!"  He doesn't even want to eat denbu at home!  Hahaha...

In the boxes:  Rice, steamed lotus, grapes, heart shaped watermelon, peas, tomato, sausages, pork rolled with carrots.

Instead of going home for less than an hout to have our meal, we (Z, Beanie & I) have our meal in the car while waiting for L.  My 2 boys enjoy it!  They get to watch TV when they eat which they can't do that when they are at home.


Angie said...

Jane, you used normal pork slices? or "lor bak"?

LZmommy said...

Sorry Angie for the late reply :)

I used those thin slices of pork which you can find at Cold Storage, not sure if they sell that in NTUC.

It is easier to roll with thin sliced pork :)

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