Monday, January 11, 2010

Bento #140

Every Monday, LZ will have their lunch in school and that means delivery from home.  But the problem is that they have different recess time... L at 12pm and Z at 1pm.  My planning is terrible...  I forgot to cook Beanie's lunch early so that I can feed him while waiting for Z's recess.  Both of us were very hungry by the time we got home.

I was quite angry with L coz she forgot to meet me at the gate to collect her bento! I saw her playing at the canteen with her friends and I have no choice but to take a pass from the security to pass the food to her.  She didn't have time to finish everything, at least she was able to finish the top tier box and half of the soumen.

By the time we got home, we were left with an hour to eat & rest and we were off to school to pick up LZ....  Tiring day....

They requested for cold noodles today:
Soba sauce & seaweed not shown in pics.

Bento #140-a, L's Bento:

Bento #140-b, Z's bento:
In the boxes: orange, grapes, mini pretzels, broad beans, beancurd skin chicken and cold noodle. Morikawa ume soumen (dried noodle) for L and hyoshiro wakame udon (seaweed udon) for Z.

Z was very hungry when I passed him the bento and he finished it in less than 15 mins!  Fast huh? When he got home and saw more of the cold noodles, he ate again. 


Angie said...

Pink noodles!!! HOW COOL!! where did you get them? normal supermarket or specific ones?

Angeline said...

*clap clap clap*
I have yet to see my boys finish any proper meal in less than 30mins!
*eyes rolled*

L too happy playing lah! When kids play, they forget about their tummy. *giggle*

LZmommy said...


Then your boys can hi five with L! Haha... She takes a long time to finish her meal too but now she is better during recess. After 2 yrs of 'training', she is able to finish her meal before recess ends. :)


I bought the noodle at Meidi ya :) Nice right? L immidately ask me to buy noodle when she saw it.

Angie said...

nice!!! I will look out for it when i go to liang court the next time! thanks!!

Blessed mum said...

well done, Z!!

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