Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Eve & New Year Day

31st Dec 2009

We didn't do much for the past few days as Beanie still recovering from flu.  He fell sick right after Christmas (26th Dec) and visited the PD for the first time (for flu).  Z fell sick first then followed by him.  I was glad that both didn't have any fever.

We wanted to watch the Chipmunk Movie and again we couldn't get the tickets. Not to disappoint our kids again, we bought the ticket for the next day.  Very kiasu right?

We spent some time at the arcade and I realised throughout the holiday, my LZ didn't go to the arcade at all!  They have been 'busied' playing FB games, they knew that once school reopened, they won't be able to do that often.  I managed to get a cookbook on risotto and after which we had a tea break.  LZ were happily talking about the game cards and Beanie was asleep in the pram.

For that night, I cooked seafood risotto!  Didn't expect it took such a long time to cook and we had late dinner...  LZ didn't like it but LZdaddy loves it... Haiz...  Tough to please all... Not going to give up and shall try other risotto dishes with meat which I think my kids would prefer.  

Anyway, it is a bliss to spend quality time with my loved ones, minus the dinner.

1st Jan 2010

Finally we get to watch the Chipmunk Movie!   LZ enjoyed the movie and Beanie fell asleep again.. Must be the medicine or he loves sleeping in the cinema?!  Hehe...

LZdaddy suggested having steamboat for dinner and we all agreed.  We went to Sheng Siong, which the kids been there only once, I think.  The were fascinated by the seafood.  "Oh! mommy!  See see!  They have baby shark!"  "Daddy daddy!  Can we try catching it?"  etc...  I think my kids looked like they have never been out before! Haha....  The staffs are excellent!  Especially the auntie who helped us choose the clams and crab.

In the evening,  we had steamboat prepared by LZdaddy.  Yummy!  See the clams L was scooping?  I can't remember the name of it, but it was very tasty!  LZdaddy steamed it with garlic & chili padi (no chili for the kids).   We had it during Christmas too and for the past few days.  It sold out very fast and while we were at the store, there were many people buying it too.   

This coming Monday, it will be a new routine for me and as well as for Z.  Not much changes for L, except that she will have a new form teacher and some new classmates.  I don't have to worry much about her coz she is more independent.  He will be spending longer hours in school and in a bigger environment. For me, I don't have to go to 2 different schools to pick them and at different timing.  Beanie will be able to have a longer nap time in the morning and I can't wait to enroll him in gym class.  Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to exercise or more time for FB games?!  Hehehe...

There is something that I forgot to note down about our Christmas.  LZ made a card each for LZdaddy and I. Guess what?  They attached a HONG BAO with the cards for us!  What makes it special is that they wrapped it with white paper and with their own pocket money!  This is the FIRST time my babies gave us money!  Aiyo.... My babies know how to melt our heart man!


Aces Family said... envy that u guys are getting ang pows from your children..hehe.

Really so nice and heartwarming to see all the family meals, simply & yet so fulfilling.

Yeah, now ur routine will have more time for beanie while LZ are in sch.


Angeline said...

Not Kiasu lah. That is call 'advance booking, to prevent tears again.' *giggle*

ya man... more time for everything lah, including the FB games. *wink*

Wahhh.... don't need to wait till they are in their 20s ah??!!! Now already know how to 'repay' parental love. Nice!

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