Thursday, January 07, 2010

Melt My Heart

I'm so in love with my 老二,Z!  Hehehe....  Here's what happened....

I saw my boy queuing up at the drink stall with his buddy during recess today.  My first thought was "Hmmm... Why did he buy drink first?  Shouldn't he get his food first?"  I was a little angry when I saw him took the green tea bottle from the auntie.  I thought I have reminded him not to buy cold drinks since he brought water to school...

What comes next was a surprise & melt my heart....

He happily passed the bottle to me
Z: Mommy, this is for you! *smiling*
Me: Me?  You bought this for me?
I was about to tear liao....  I felt so guilty for what I was thinking..
Z: Mommy, drink it! You work so hard.  You need a drink!

My son bought me a drink!  Instead of buying food for himself first, he bought me a drink!
At that moment, I feel like telling the whole world about this!  Hehehe...
I knew I was teary and I gave my son a hug.  I wanted to tell him then what he did meant so much to me...  I didn't do it then but I told him many times after school...

After buying the $1 drink for me, he was left with only $1.  He bought a packet of watermelon (50cents) and a bowl of fish ball soup(50cents).  I asked him if it was enough for him

Z: I don't have any more money..  It ok mommy...

Awwww... My sweet little boy... He spent half of his pocket money to buy me a drink and not enough for himself.  I gave him another $2 and he bought a plate of fried rice with nugget.  He finished everything!  My boy was very hungry.  He was happy that he has another $1 to put into his piggy bank.

He knew I volunteer for this 5 days because of him.  This is his way of showing his appreciation....  At home, he told me

Mommy, I know this few days you work very hard for me.


We play Pet Society and he says that our pet are 'couple'.  In reality (when he was younger), he told me when he grow up, he wants to buy me a ring.  He said he can't afford to buy me one so he will work hard when he grow up.  The other day, he whispered to me when all of us was chatting,

Mommy, I bought Cutie (my pet's name) a diamond ring. Shhhh... Don't tell daddy ok?  I didn't buy him anything.

Awwww..... He remembers what he said and he can't wait to grow up to keep his promise.  So sweet! 
He also promised LZdaddy a nice sport car, jiejie & didi many toys when he has lots of money.  See lah... How not to love him and pamper him?


Beautiful Love said...

LZmommy, when I read this post, I teared over such sweet boy of yours!

Indeed, their thoughts really melts a mummy's heart.

The beauty of blog was to detailed everything down so that such memories will be still so fresh in our mind when we walked down the memory lane :p

Shana said...

Aw...he is sooooo sweet! Such a thoughtful boy. I'm sure he will grow up to be a "lady-killer" ^_^

tona-mama said...


Making my official HI!!

Hey, I, too teared when I read your post!

I think only mummies can apprecaite these tender words from our little ones ya?

No amt of material things are more precious than their little actions or sweet words ya? :)

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