Monday, January 25, 2010

Beanie @ 11 Months Old

Another month and my Beanie will be 1 year old!

I'm pretty sure he will be able to walk when he turns ONE!  On Sunday, he took almost 2 steps to walk to LZdaddy and today,  he walks 3 step towards me!  When he is standing, I let go and tell him "stay baby, stand properly ok."  He happily stand there!  The I moved back a little and tell him to walk towards me and he did that!

This little boy of mine is so cheeky nowadays and knows how to show me a pathetic look whenever he wants something. 

Beanie @ 11 months old

♥ weighs 10.4kg (measured week ago)
♥ knows how to clap hands
♥ He loves using his push walker. Spend more and more time walking around using the push walker.
♥ He can stand without support for abt 10 secs now.
♥ He often comes to me and says "mama mama...!" It happens when he either wants to sleep, wants me to carry or drink milk. 
♥ He loves to dance!  When he hears music, he will moves his body and head.  So Cute!   
♥ It is no doubt that he loves cars.  Give him a ball and a car, he will go for the car.  He pushes the car while he is crawling.
♥ He likes me to swing him up high!  He giggles very loud whenever I do that with him. 
♥ He likes to 'dig' gorgor's face, pull his hair and slap his face.  Z loves to lie down in front of him or  ♥ stand close to him and let Beanie 'torture' him. Haha...
♥ He likes to crawls all over L, put his finger into her mouth, slap her face too and she also willingly lie down on the floor and let him do that.  Whenever I say "cannot do that to jiejie gorgor", both say "It's ok mommy".  一个愿打, 一个愿挨。
♥ Next person he calls in the family is "jiejie".  L was so happy!  Z was disappointed that Beanie yet to call him.
♥ When I ask him to hug me, he will puts his head close to me.  This is his way of 'hugging' me.
♥ Loves to hang out in the kitchen while I cook.  He opens up all drawers and cabinets and take out the stuffs.
♥ When I ask him to pass the thing in his hand to me, he is able to do it.  But not if it is food.

Here is a pic of my LZ babies for January!  Realised the only time I can take a good pic of Beanie is when he is on a highchair.  L & Z will be ready with their smile while we wait for the right moment to shoot!


Oliveoylz said...

Funny how babies like to torture their elder siblings...mine pulls her bro's hair too!

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