Monday, January 18, 2010

Bento #144 - Pikachu

In the boxes: Grapes, strawberries, stir fried spinach noodles, flower shaped carrots, pikachu fishcakes, fishball(supposed to be a pokemon ball which doesn't look like one) and lotus root.

LZ told me they preferred to have early lunch during their 1st recess and I was glad to hear that. That means I do not have to send lunch to school today... I noticed that they usually finished everything if I prepared lunch for 1st recess instead, coz by the time they have their 2nd recess, they may be a little too full to have a proper meal.

I wanted to give L other fishcakes coz pikachu is more for boys. But she was alright with it and find it cute.  Yeah, I do have different pic/design fishcakes in my freezer, I never know when I need it.


Angie said...

wah! are they from the japanese supermkt where you bght the pink soba? i have only seen hello kitty fishcake from Takashimaya cold storage so far. Expensive leh. :(

LZmommy said...

Angie, I found this in Giant! :)

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