Saturday, January 30, 2010

CNY Shopping

I have to confess....  I have been spending time (minus time with my kids) on my games as well as theirs too, that I don't feel like shopping for CNY... That means shopping for 5 of us and some home stuffs.  I told LZdaddy that by hook or by crook, we have to get it done today and we did.   Well, almost.. Errr....  Half done??!!  Some things were left out coz I didn't write down a list of things to buy...

I thought it is going to be tough shopping with 3 kids... I was wrong!  My 3 little ones were quite well behaved. The times when LZ 'fight' were for our hp to play with and who go into the changing room with LZdaddy or me.   Beanie slept in the pram at times or just to be carried for a while.
When we were at the 2nd shopping mall, we saw that they had a free CNY craft workshop.  I went with L & Z while LZdaddy had a coffee break with Beanie.  They each made a fish using hongbao.  At the end of it, both were very happy except their mommy... My back was aching from bending down to help them...  

Choosing clothes for L & Z are not anything like last year.  I used to pick a few for them to choose from and that's it... Now, they walk around the shop and decide what they want.  Seems like my LZ need me lesser and lesser... *sob*  Come to think of it, I should be happy... It means that I don't have to feel stress out having to decide so many things right and that they are more independent?


Blessed mum said...

lucky woman! my Ryan refused to sit on the pram!

your 3 babies are really God-sent-angels :)

LZmommy said...

Blessed Mum
Must train him to sit in there since baby and as long as he has snacks, he can sit in the pram for a long time ;)

Yes, I am very blessed to have 3 great babies :)

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