Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bento #141 (pokemon ball) & #142

Z's bento (#141):

L's bento (#142):
In the boxes: Baked chicken wings, diced beans with eggs, strawberries.  Pokemon ball (rice, seaweed & crabstick) & orange for Z.  For L, a girly face (seaweed, denbu, rice & crabsticks)

My first attempt on trying to make a pokemon ball!  I think from far it does looks like one.  Hehehe... At least Z thinks it is one.  He was very happy to see that coz he likes pokemon.  I should have done better for L's girl... It looks kind of weird... Nevertheless, she likes it.

Z told me one of his classmates asked for the chicken wing and he gave it to him.  The boy didn't finish his own snacks.  I told him next time tell his friend to finish what his mom prepared for him first and explained to him why.  He also said his classmates said "Wow!" when they saw the ball.  L said her classmates always look forward to see her bento and that makes me very happy.


Blessed mum said...

its beautiful!!

Angeline said...

Huh?! Still not good enough for you ah?? I think the girl is soooooooo lovely!!!

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