Friday, January 08, 2010

1st Week of School

Today is the end of the 1st week of school and I'm so glad weekend is here!  I am sooooo TIRED!

L is very happy to see her old classmates and she already make new friends. This girl of mine has no problem at all even if you put her in a room with strangers.  Hehe... She told me about her new friends and who are her teachers for the different subjects.  It is only the first week but she is already bringing back homework.  During recess, she still 'hang out' with her old classmates at their usual corner. 

Z.... As I expected, he lost his water bottle.  Not once but twice!  I managed to find it for him for the first time.  Haiz... It is only the first week and he lost it twice. He left it in the canteen table, went to order food and found it missing when he came back.  The cleaner cleared the table too fast (the P1 & 5 just came down for their recess) and I reflected to the PSG mommy in charge.

So far, he enjoys school and able to tell me some of his classmates and some of the things that he do.  When L heard it, she said "Huh?  Why only boys?  You mean you don't know who are the girls in your class?" His reply was he doesn't talk to the girls.  Boys....  When I asked him who are his teachers for the subjects, he told me he forgot!  He can only remember his English (form) teacher, Maths and Chinese teachers. I told him to write it down in his organizer when he has lessons next week.

He also said that he likes the school garden and playtime at the KC field.  That I knew coz he 'disappeared' as soon as he finished his food.  Everyday, he excitedly tell me what he found in the school garden and what he did.

Pics taken on 8th Jan. L with her old classmates.  Z ate chicken rice, one of his favourite food.

This week, I didn't prepare any bento for them since Z has a buddy with him. He wanted bento from the second day onwards coz he 'complained' about the queue but I wanted him to learn to buy food on his own, with the help of his buddy.  Today was the last day he spent time with his buddy and I encouraged him to buy fishball noodle soup. At least now I know he can handle it.  We bought his buddy a little gift.  I did that too when L was in P1. 
Pic taken on 6th Jan.

When I picked them up from school the other day, I saw L carried Z's school bag!  Aiyo!  See how much his sister pampered him!  I told him not to let jiejie carry his bag, told him he is a big boy now and L's bag is heavy too.  He said jiejie insisted on helping him, knowing his bag is heavy.  My sweet girl... She may fight with him but she loves him afterall.
pic taken on 7th Jan.

Besides napping in the car with LZdaddy, Beanie had breakfast with us every morning at a nearby cafe. Though it was just an hour break before I go back to school, LZdaddy and I enjoyed our so called couple time and with Beanie. 


MomsyWorld said...

L seems to chub up a li' ya?

Angeline said...

At the end of 1st week, I almost forgot what's my name ah! Sooooo tiring!!!

Lost his water bottle? Curious, did you label his water bottle? I labeled EVERYTHING that belonged to KK. From big to small, right down to the erasers!
Not just name, but class too!

LZmommy said...


I think so too :) Almost everyday she measure her weight and counting how many grams she puts on! Haha...

I do put his name sticker on the bottle but not the class. These stickers were bought long time ago so didn't get new ones with class name.

The problem with him is that he finishes his meal and walks away, forgetting his bottle *-*

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